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In the current "uncertain" housing market, which has now persisted for several years and shows no signs of abating, it is more important than ever before to have your properties "stand out" above the crowd if you want to sell them fast. Getting the listing is great, but, if you can't move the property... 'nuff said.

Vancouver House Painters recognizes this reality and has teamed up with many Vancouver-Area Realtors to help both the realtors, and their clients, sell their properties faster; with just a coat or two of paint!

It is AMAZING how a fresh coat of paint can "recast" a property in a buyer's eyes. It "refreshes" the whole property, conveys a "cared for" sensibility, and, "pride of ownership."

Not only will your clients' properties stand out, but offers on your clients' properties may even realize or exceed their asking price, instead of buyers asking to reduce it. 

Even though painting is probably the most economical way to modernize or "renovate" a property going on the market, most paint job costs can be recovered in the sale price, as it will increase your clients property value. A fresh new paint job can actually make the customer money when they sell!

Come join with us, and make 2014 as profitable as possible.

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