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Below is a "Flip Book" containing some pictures from painting jobs we have completed. Use your mouse to flip the pages, or, use the "forward arrow." You can also expand the book to "full screen mode" if you wish. Included in the book are pictures of our Founder and Director of Training, Brian Jerome, doing what he loves to do; painting with skill and care at a customer's home. Also featured in the book is Rebecca Thornborrow, our Customer Service Coordinator for Southern Ontario.

In fact, in a "very rare" instance in September 2013, the two of them are painting together!

Please enjoy, and remember; if you would like your home to look like these pictures, just give us a call...

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Living Room with a fresh coat of paint from
Living Room with a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. Email us at: or
Freshly painted wall with fireplace from
Check out how beautifully this fireplace shows against a fresh paint job! Email us at: or
painted stairs from
Need to beautify and update a staircase in an older home? Try a beautiful B&W high-gloss paint job...