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What paints do we use?

The simplest answer to that question is whichever paint you want us to use...

HOWEVER, we do prefer GENERAL PAINT over any other brand:

When you book a paint job with us, we ALWAYS estimate the cost of the paint and materials separately. We do this so that you, our customer, may use ANY PAINT BRAND you prefer. Just make sure to have the paint necessary for your project at the job site before we arrive; if you are unsure about quantities and types of paint to buy, please just ask us.

If you decide to go with General Paint, or, would like us to pick-up your selected paint for you, all we need is the color code or actual chips for the colours you have picked, and the paint store will match up the colours perfectly. Once the paint order is finished being made, we will pick it up prior to the job starting and we will provide you with the store receipt when we arrive to get started.

WE DO NOT "MARK-UP" THE PAINT WE PROVIDE - you pay what we pay. We always pass on our full discount to our customers. Just another perk from Vancouver House Painters!

What is the difference between General Paints and the "Big Brands?"

Simple - the price!

General Paints is MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE, but provides similar - or even better quality - than most competing brands.

Another reason to use General Paints? General Paints started in VANCOUVER in 1911; originally named the "AYRES VARNISH COMPANY." They have been manufacturing and selling paints and coatings in Vancouver and the rest of Canada ever since.

How good is General Paint? Well, Sherwin Williams just purchased the company, so, that should tell you something!

General Paints sell for as much as 50% DISCOUNT from the price of comparable paints made by the "Big Brands." And we have the added benefit of a commercial contractor account with General Paint. We get an additional discount off of their ALREADY LOW retail prices.

Really makes you wonder.... hmmmmm... how much are the other painters making in mark-ups on the paint they want to sell you? It may be worth asking them.

Or, better yet, just book your job with us, KNOWING that you will get the best possible quality of products and the lowest possible prices!

Want to know a little more about GENERAL PAINT and their product line? Feel free to browse through the FLIP BOOK below. You can use your cursor or mouse to browse through the pages. You can also expand the book to "full screen" if you wish. The General Paint Product Guide below provides information on the various types of paint they manufacture and sell - the very same paints we hope to use when painting in your home: