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Painting the exterior of your home is a huge undertaking, that is best left to a professional painting contractor.

Safety, quality paints, know-how, and years of experience, are just a few reasons why you should contact Vancouver House Painters for your exterior painting jobs.

In order to ensure your complete satisfaction, our house painters begin and end every job with a personal consultation between you and one of our experienced Estimators or Customer Service Coordinators.

We are committed to provide the highest quality service, and professionalism, with each and every job we undertake. 

Our Painting Process...

Scheduling: One of the first things we ask about are your scheduling needs. We want to make sure we can accommodate your needs.  

We maintain a calendar that allows our customers to see what our schedule is like and when they can book services. 

You can book online appointments for estimates by using the "BOOK NOW" button located in the left sidebar, and then by selecting or clicking "book estimate appointment" or project. Your request will be responded to within 24 hours, or less...normally within a couple of hours. 


When an online appointment is received, the job is instantly put into our schedule database; you will receive a confirmation, and normally, a follow-up call or email. As the date draws closer, we will keep you up-to-date and informed. For exterior painting appointments, dates are subject to change, due to prevailing or forecast weather conditions. PLEASE NOTE: except for "emergency" situations, we do not accept exterior painting bookings from November 15th through April 15th to ensure that you receive the best possible results form your exterior painting job. 


Start of project: Once you have approved your estimate and scheduled a painting project, our paint crew will meet you at your project site, at the agreed upon time. Our crew chief will explain the entire process, including estimated "timelines" for completion.

He or she will have a copy of your estimate, or a "write-up" of the job, that follows the specifications on the painting proposal. This ensures that all parties are on the "same page," before beginning the project. Once everything is understood and agreed upon, the project will commence.

During the Project: All painting work is done in an established sequence, and in accordance with paint manufacturers' specifications. 

Surface preparation - i.e. washing, scraping, filling, sanding, etc... is done first. This is normally followed by a primer coat, and finally, is followed by the finish painting (one or two coats). Our Crew Chief and Customer Service Coordinators will normally inspect the work periodically while it is ongoing, to ensure the job is running smoothly and according to plan, and, for quality assurance. 

Project Completion: We will advise you a day or so before we expect to complete the work. This provides you with an opportunity to inspect the work, and,  to ensure that nothing has been missed. It is also an opportunity for you to point out any areas you would like us to "touch up," if needed.

Our painters will then "wrap-up" the job, and take care of any touch-ups to your full satisfaction: WE PROMISE.